"Summer Jazz"

Katydids fiddling with the crickets
The catepillars selling tickets
Rum, strum, bullfrogs playing bass
Jiving spiders spinning lace
Well bebop beetles boogie to the beat
Even daddy long legs tap their feet
Mosquitos buzz and they go right to it
Walking sticks strut my how they do it
The night gets hotter
And the band plays louder
The man in the moon takes a
Headache powder
The praying mantis says amen
Tomorrow night let¹s jam again

Daniel Johnston: Vocals
JackMedicine: Vocals/Guitar
Jade Nuss: Lead Guitar
Chris Bullock: Piano
Music by Jack Medicine
Words by Bobbi Katz
Used with permission
Produced by Mad Francis
Original recording by Adam Lasus at Fireproof Recording Brooklyn, NY.