Earliest known recording: Frozen Emotion (video) Soft Watches

Bread and Circuses (1983)

Carousel Horn (1985-1989)
Walls Of The Wills 3:43
Shit The Elephant Left Me To Eat W/ Lazy Peace Number One 9:43
For The Evil I've Done W/ Blood May Be Thicker Than Water 7:25
Sister Ground 2:47
You're Raining On My Heart W/ I'm Looking For Boo Radley W/Inside A Cave
With Someone I Would Rather Not Mention
W/ The Lazy Peace Number Two 12:37
How Does It Feel? 2:04
You're On My Toes Dear 3:46
You've Come My Little Ray Of Sunshine 3:09
If And When My Train Derails 3:33
If And When My Train Derails Instrumental 2:46
Instrumental Number One 2:57
Barbecued Lamb, The Stick, Your Head, My Life 6:36
Sick Man From The West 4:36
You're Inside Of My Heart 2:40
The House That Jack Built 2:16

Tamera Songs (1987)

Betsy Songs (1988)

Bedlam Circus (1988-1989)

Sydney Songs (1990)

Pop Eye Squirm: Love's Fucked Way (1995)

Super Hits (1996)

Six Song Sampler (1997)

Best Of Jack (1998)

Strangling Prior Object (2000)
Janet, I love 1992
U.F.O. 1999 from the album Hyperjinx Tricycle
M r. Bones (drea re-mix) 2000 from Super Hits
Television Mind ‡ 1998 from Enemy of Dirt Three
S in City Superman * 2000 from Songs of Absente
Howl at the Moon * 2000 from Songs of Absente
B ooger Girl 1994 from Best of Jack
Slice of Life ** 1999 from Hyperjinx Tricycle
Ghost of the Wedding Ring 1997 from Vermont to Brooklyn
D eep and Forever 2000 previously unreleased
Here I Am 1999 from Vermont to Brooklyn
Head of Candy 1994 from Anomolie
Calling on Deaf Ears 1985 from Carousel Horn 1985-89

Anomolie (?)

Janet Songs (2002)

New York Songs (unreleased)

From Vermont To Brooklyn (unreleased)

Daughter, Wife, Widow, Nun (unreleased)

What My Guitar Means To Me (unreleased)

Songs Of Absenthe Lyrics by Ron English (unreleased)