"Rowboat (Fruit Loops)"

There ain¹t no cure for the blues
When it¹s deep inside you
Time may tell a few
But there¹s really nothin¹ new
And all you have to do
Is lay your head on a pillow
And all that you¹ve been through
Is just another day for you
Come won¹t you choose
Between what¹s right and wrong
Won¹t you sing a song
For your grieving soul
God goes on and on
He left us far behind you
And though you can¹t make sense
Death will surely find you
And you can¹t get from nothing
Something that ain¹t
And there no sense in talking
Just cover it with pain
And just like an ostrich so hard to see
Pretending your John Wayne
See the bitter end
Once again bored
Makes you want to try
But you can¹t get by Lord
And you seem to wonder
How feelings run awry
There no sense of wrong
To those unlonely
See you once again
How you worked your head off
Like a rhyme without a reason
But don¹t stop believing
Monkey see monkey do
It¹s all the same to you
How to win the game
When it ain¹t just right for you
Sorrow in your heart
Just a target for darts
And you¹ll live again
Late in the evening
Sitting round the tv
Another year has passed by
Ain¹t no sense in leaving
Ain¹t no sense in asking why
Love could come to you
You may find some comfort there
One way or another
Life is just a big scare
And you can¹t get to heaven in a rowboat
And you are not to blame
For the book that they wrote
And you¹ll never understand
If it makes you a man
Kelloggs¹s Fruit Loops

Daniel Johnston: Vocals/Guitar
JackMedicine: Guitar/Organ
Jade Nuss: Lead Guitar
Mad Francis: Drums, Bass, additional piano
Words & music by Daniel Johnston
Produced By Mad Francis
Original recording by Adam Lasus at
Fireproof Recording Brooklyn, NY.