Daniel Johnston • Jack Medicine • Ron English

The Hyperjinx Tricycle

The Hyperjinx Tricycle was conceived by Ron English, Jack Medicine (Don Goede) and Daniel Johnston while driving back and forth from a house they were staying in Virginia to a gallery Washington DC for three or four days in 1999. Goede was there working on a book a bout Johnston while Daniel and Ron were having an exhibition at MOCA. To pass the time during the 45 minute commute each day the three often sang songs together. Medicine and Johnston started writing music together often incorporating lyrics by English. Their first self titled release was passed around to various producers with the instructions: "Please finish this" In some cases the producers just rearranged or remixed the tune or accompanied the vocals whether they be Johnston or Medicine. The result sounds more like a compilation but has been well received.

The name "Hyperjinx Tricycle" is a reference to the three members each being one wheel of a tricycle and the phrase "Hyperjinx" that Johnston sometimes uses.

What it means exactly is not known. We know that it has something to do with the Space/Time continuum.

From Ron English's popaganda.com and his book: Popaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English

A Night of Serious Thinking with Jack Medicine and the Prince of Bipolar Pop. . .

Countless musicians have made earnest efforts at recording the classic record. Of course, few have succeeded and there were those other few who failed to create the classic record but unwittingly created the cult classic. The cult classic, that rare, out of print, impossible to find monument to the existence to life outside the mainstream, far outside the mainstream. The nude lightbulb soul, the diamond in the buff, the naked, left-brain noise no right-minded, serious artist ever intends to create, the recusant rhymes no truly right-minded artist would even be capable of creating. That was the thing we set out to create when Jack Medicine, Daniel Johnston, and myself formed The Hyperjinx Tricycle. Four days and nights in my studio with a four-track recording machine, three relentless imaginations laid the groundwork for the record. The hours of zealous efforts at pop masterpieces, midnight ramblings, and delusional dramas were all recorded and passed around to various producers with the simple instructions: "Finish this".

To date The Jinx have three releases. A fourth and final is being considered for a 2008 release.

Daniel Johnston: www.rejectedunknown.com
Ron English: www.popaganda.com
Jack Medicine: www.jackmedicine.com