"Hyperjinx Tricycle: The Songs of Jack Medicine, Daniel Johnston, and Ron English"
First Pressing 2000 Soft Skull Shortwave
Second Pressing 2001 Important Records

Producer Credits

Face Your Doom:
Chris Harford
Adel Hinawi
Zef and Kill Audio
Greg the Bunny:
Adam Lasus/ Don Goede
Adam Lasus / Don Goede
Keep Your Feelings To Yourself:
Eef Barzelay
Wasted Life:
Brady Brock
Happy Springfield:
Brandon Jemeyson
Slice Of Life:
Adel Hinawi
Road To Heaven:
Kathy Geary
Disney Movie:
Earl Norman
Merry Christmas Oblio:
Dick Panther
Seasons In The Sun:

"Band formed by Texas cult hero Daniel Johnston, New York Pop-Surrealist Ron English, and Brooklyn singer/songwriter Jack Medicine. With the help of various producers this album celebrates the weirdness of three strange writers. Most songs sung by Daniel Johnston. CD also contains two hidden tracks of Johnston alone singing and performing 'Keep Your Feelings To Yourself'& 'Reality'. CD contains an amazing version of 'Seasons in the Sun' sung by Johnston as well as the rejected Fox T.V.theme song 'Greg the Bunny.'"

"Wonderful off kilter pop from Hyperjinx Tricycle, featuring Daniel Johnston, Ron English, and Jack Medicine. The songs are written and sung by a revolving door of members, although Daniel seems to take the most vocals. The sound here is a pretty amazing one for Daniel to be immersed in- rich and psychedelic, with shades of electronica and power pop and something that I can only call psychosis. Among those appearing are Clem Snide (who also takes a lead vocal on one song), Chris Harford, Deni Bonet (violinist with Robyn Hitchcock), Kathy Geary (who has an excellent vocal) and more. In addition to the originals, there is a cover of "Seasons In the Sun" by Rod Mckuen, produced by Kramer and featuring a slowed down Daniel voice and a children's choir which is more then a little twisted. Also includes Daniel's rejected songs for The Simpsons and Greg The Bunny."