The Electric Ghosts is a collaboration between Daniel Johnston and Jack Medicine (Don Goede), released in 2006 on Important Records. The album is a result of songs recorded by the pair in hotel rooms before and after performances. Cover of the first album by Ron English. Produced by Mark Kramer (the founder of Shimmy Disc Records, Mad Francis, and Paul Rubenstein. A DVD documentary about Daniel Johnston, called The Devil and Daniel Johnston, was released on September 19, 2006. The film has won numerous awards at film festivals such as Sundance, and has been screened worldwide to almost unanimous acclaim.

This album is basically the result of three years of Daniel Johnston and Don Goede (Jack Medicine) living on the road together. Goede became his tour manager/caretaker in 1999 and spent many long hours with him traveling from city to city. The pair travelled to at least 100 shows all over the U.S. and Europe. They often found ourselves hanging out before and after concerts in hotel rooms and decided to bring some recording equipment with then and start a recording band. A few times they played together on stage and sometimes Medicine would warm up for Johnston. They decided to call themselves The Electric Ghosts. The name came from the many nights they stayed up talking about the spirit world. They felt they were ghosts haunting a different city every night. Floating through, trying their best to get the jist of each town (or at the very least visit its best record or comic book store) but in order to stay on schedule they always had to push on.

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