Frozen Emotion 1983-84 (with Steve Kirwin, Kevin Busher & Wes Ford)
No releases

Enemy of Dirt One (with Heath Johnson) 1991-1992
"Enemy Of Dirt One"

Enemy Of Dirt Two (with Jay Walker) 1992-1994
"Enemy Of Dirt Two"
"EOD Live at Tangz"

Enemy Of Dirt Three (with Stuart Bagwell, Bret Ladin, Josh ?) 1997-1999
"Enemy Of Dirt Three"
"Live at NAC"

Dead Chasing Love 2001 (with Jeff and Paul Rubenstein)
"Live At Tonic"

The Blacksmiths

The Blood Donuts
No releases

Hyperjinx Tricycle (with Daniel Johnston and Ron English)
"Hyperjinx Tricycle"
"Greetings From The Hyperjinx Tricycle"
"Alien Mind Control"

The Electric Ghosts (with Daniel Johnston)
"The Electric Ghosts"

The Electric Illuminati (with Ron English & The Velvet Rut)

Invisible Giant Witch
No Releases

The Manitou Mustangs
"The Sound And The Flurry EP" (2009)